Myth or Reality?

The crime rate is in decline.

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR) program, long considered the source of official crime data and trends, relies on reports from over 17,000 police departments around the United States. According to the UCR, crime rates have been in steep decline for the past decade despite a flagging economy and high unemployment. Now a recent study of more than a hundred retired New York Police Department captains and higher-ranking officers has put the accuracy of these data under scrutiny. According to a survey conducted by crime experts John Eterno and Eli Silverman, these former police commanders were under intense pressure to reduce crime. In order to placate hard-charging commissioners such as William Bratton, some local commanders manipulated crime statistics so it would appear that their efforts at crime control have been successful. How did they cheat? One method was to check eBay and other Web sites in order to find prices for items that had been reported stolen that were actually lower than the value provided by the crime victim. They would then use the lower values to reduce felony grand larcenies, crimes that are in the UCR, to misdemeanor petit larcenies that go unrecorded. Some commanders reported sending officers to crime scenes to persuade victims not to file complaints or alter crimes so they did not have to be reported to the FBI. For example, an attempted burglary must be reported but an illegal trespass is not.  While it is possible that the New York police administrators were under more pressure to reduce crime than their counterparts around the country, the fact that members of the largest police department in the U.S. may have fudged UCR data suggests that the decade-long crime drop may be more of a function of police reporting than an actual reduction in crime. How is it possible to reduce crime during a time of economic crisis, make believe it never happened?

Writing Assignment:  The police commanders in NY may have fudged the crime data because they were under pressure to bring the crime rate down. Write an essay discussing why police and other groups and/or individuals might benefit if they could prove that crime rates have actually been increasing.